Colocation has been a trend that has been growing at a considerable rate over the last couple of decades. It encompasses the use of a rental space within a data centre. They are state of the art facilities that house your technical equipment and power you up with your own server. As a business this could save tons of storage space within your own facility and could really cut down on costs.

serverspaceActually, such data centres have their own technical staff, so your business will not need to pay out to a tech department. This will also save your business a substantial amount of annual revenue and does for many a ServerSpace hosting customers.

Renting the use of a data centre has been proven to be way more cost effective than simply using a regular web host provider. Not only is less expensive but it is also more convenient. Since they have their own staff you don't find yourself waiting around to hear back from your web host provider. Everything you need is right there at the data centre. If you need to upgrade, update, install software, or change out your hardware, it is all right there at your fingertips.

Types of Colocation

There are basically two main types and you will need to figure out which one will work best for you. The first type is called managed colocation. This is where your server is managed by the technical team hired within the data centre facility. It's a little more costly than the other type but that is for good reason.

The second type is called unmanaged colocation, which, you guessed it, comes unmanaged. You will have to have a considerable amount of computer knowledge to manage your own server. If you have the time and the smarts then more power to you. Most people opt for the server to be managed by the technical team at the data centre.
Mainly because it is slightly more cost effective than doing it yourself and wasting time and man hours. Smaller businesses tend to go with the unmanaged collocated server, mostly because it would not be worth it to make such an investment. But if you have a larger business managing your collocated server could be quite a chore. For more information on how much this service costs check out this site.

This service has been around for decades and has only recently become so popular. There aren't enough facilities for the high demand. They are literally being built like crazy to fill the high demand. Most businesses choose colocation because it is a dependable, reliable way to run their web site or sites. These centres are becoming more and more popular and your competitors probably are already connected.

When utilizing such a service there are a lot of different power sources connected to your technical equipment and to your server. This will ensure that in case of a power outage or a natural disaster of some kind that you are very unlikely to experience any down time.

If your competitors are already plugged into a colocation data centre, their web site or sites will be up and running. And if you are not connected to a any slight storm could knock your power out and have you in down time.

It is a good investment and isn't going anywhere for a while. Rest assured that your equipment and your server are safe and running smoothly.