Who fancies a challenge to transform your body shape whether it's to Slim, Tone, or Build,  we can help you 👋 so let’s do it together💪🏽 we’ll be with you every step of the way to motivate and keep you focused.

We will give you all the tools, advice and help you need to reach your goal.

We will workout how many calories you  should be consuming per day to reach your goals, whether it’s weight loss, maintenance or weight gain. Incorporating your calorie intake and our weekly exercise program that consists of 3 classes per week to include Cardio and Weights you will definitely see results.

We will ask you to weigh and measure yourself at the start of this challenge and weekly to see your progress to help you along your way.

We will also ask you take a picture of you yourself, or you can remain anonymous if you wish to and at the end of the month let’s see the changes.

If you would like to join our Monthly Challenge for £19.99 per month contact me and I will send you all the details😁


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