Why Choose A Fitness Holiday?

Everybody needs holidays, no matter age, sex and location, occupation and species. Yup! And its holidays that give you that amazing resting and relaxation time away from home and everyday problems and situations. While most people choose an all-inclusive package and come back from their holidays 3-4 pounds heavier, at Fit and Funky we’ve figured there’s more than you can make out of your vacation than just overeating and sleeping all the time. Some people consider working out a tiring and exhausting activity, we have to say that their conception on sports is totally wrong.

Because we know that working out combats health conditions and diseases, improves mood and boosts up your energy levels, we found a unique way to combine exotic holidays with working out. Thus, Fit and Funky was born in order to offer the same unbeatable all-inclusive packages of flights, transfers, accommodation, with all meals and drinks included, plus fitness classes.

From aerobics to step and yoga and from boxercise, circuits to Pilates, we place at your disposal a great variety of fitness classes that you can choose from. Working on your fitness in holidays offers you only the best health benefits and uplifts your state of mind and overall mood.

Besides, if you choose a Fit and Funky fitness holidays abroad you will also enjoy evening entertaining with quizzes, competitions and parties that makes your holiday even more fun in the sun.

What is a Health and Fitness Holiday?

A health and fitness holiday is a new concept regarding tourism and holidays abroad. We are among the firsts to organise this type of holidays abroad in beautiful and exotic countries such as Spain, Turkey, Portugal, Tunisia, Cyprus and even eccentric Morocco. The ultimate combination of health fitness and partying in unique locations across Europe and the UK makes Fit and Fitness a great choice for those who truly appreciate the temple of their soul.

A fitness holiday is all about having a great time, relaxing, staying healthy and fit and enjoying the best of life in amazing locations. Choosing a health and fitness holiday will recharge your batteries like no other type of vacation.

Reasons to Choose a Health and Fitness Holiday

There are numerous reasons to choose one of our holidays instead of the classic all-inclusive ones. We have decided to enumerate only a few reasons why this is a way better vacation choice:

  • Stay fit and healthy
  • Have a great mood
  • Better sleep 
  • Boost up your energy levels
  • You can control your weight
  • Have fun
  • Boost up self confidence
  • Become stronger and more toned
  • Look younger
  • Boost your metabolism rate
  • A more agile mind
  • Because it feels amazing!

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