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Pay as you go £6
Monthly £28
Annually £300


Terms and Conditions

Fees and Payments
1.1 The monthly Instalment is due from you to us. You are obligated to make the direct debit instalment stated with the first one being paid on the direct debit due date and then every month thereafter.

1.2 You are obligated to pay every instalment on the due date regardless of non-attendance, whatever the reason of non-attendance maybe.
1.3 Special circumstances will be considered.
1.4 Should you fail to pay an instalment or remove authority to collect your instalment by direct debit, the full balance of the remaining instalments will become due immediately.

1.5 Your direct debit will be due on sign up for your membership and will be collected on the same date every month thereafter.

1.6 This agreement includes a cooling off period of 7 days. You have the right to change your mind and cancel your subscription within the 7 days of the start of your agreement.
One months’ notice is required in writing only to cancel your membership.

1.7 If you pay/book a class no refund is available.

1.8 You may cancel a Prepaid class up to 24 hours before, no refund is available instead a credit will be provided for the value of the booking.

1.9 Membership cannot be frozen at any time or Non-transferable for other payments or to other people.
1.10 There are no concession rates available.

Booking Classes
1.11 Booking online is available; however, misuse of the online booking system will result in online booking privileges being revoked. Bookings will then only be made via phone calls.
Bookings will be on a first come first serve basis.

1.12 Fit and Funky reserve the right to not let you into a class that has been running for 10 minutes due to Health and Safety.

Data Protection
1.13 Fit and Funky will hold your personal information in accordance with the data Protection Act 1998.

1.14 We may send you information about our services, promotions and events from time to time. We will not pass your details on to any third parties without your consent.



Fit & Funky - Health and Fitness Holidays, Weekenders and Activities


Our fitness and party holidays, weekenders and activities are the ultimate, unique combination of health fitness and partying in a selection of hand picked locations across Europe and the UK.

We offer great a unique experience of fun filled days of health, relaxation, culture and of course fun. The Fit and Funky experience allows you and your friends a great opportunity to unwind, recharge your batteries, meet new people and have hours of fun!

The Fit and Funky experience is the perfect combination of fitness classes: Aerobics, Spinning, Yoga and many more; partying: the very best music from some of London's finest DJs; and the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful culture and sights the local area has to offer.


We have an expert team on hand to ensure that from start to finish of your holiday you will receive a very high standard of service and maximum enjoyment.

To be part of the Fit and Funky extravaganza and experience the best in fitness and partying why not join us and indulge in the benefits Fit and Funky has to offer.

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The Fit and Funky Crew